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The Effortless Running™ method Your fitness and your determination are not holding you back... your running form is! The Effortless Running method teaches an easy, natural running style using the Laws of Nature to your advantage. Learn to run using the 'Lean', the 'Pull' & the 'Sweep'. It is the combination of these three elements of running that makes the Effortless Running method so powerful for any runner looking to improve running form, prevent injury and run faster than ever before. Tell me more

Effortless Running™ Core Elements


Leaning tall from your ankles allows you to play with gravity. You lean into your stride not from the hip but from the ankle joint. This allows you to stay tall as you run. Leaning tall is the first element of an effortless run. 


Pull your ankle up instead of kicking backwards. Pulling activates the hip flexors. Now you run in a more balanced manner. With a proper pull, you create space for a nice follow-through of your swing leg. 


Sweep your leg back underneath your centre of mass at the end of your stride. Run like a thoroughbred to activate the torque in your body. With a footstrike in your power zone, you will surge ahead of the pack!  

Discover Effortless Running™ Read about why we collectively lost the ability to run. And how you can get back into running by re-training your brain how to run. No matter where you are at in your running journey, this book will give you the tools to become a smooth and effortless runner. You may not believe it right now but your body is perfectly designed to run. All you need to do is find out how to start moving in your running gait again. Effortless Running Secrets reveals how. Tell me more


You can personalize your experience us. Start with the 3-week essentials program to change your form. After that, the choice is up to you. Do you include a video-analysis and/or a follow-up training plan? We got you covered. 

Knowledge nuggets

Blog posts, articles, reviews and more. There is a lot to say about letting the wisdom of the body to take over in running. But sometimes you can gain some big insights from feeding the brain too! 

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