What is Effortless Running?

Becoming a better, faster, lighter and injury-free runner

The Effortless Running method is characterized by its clear, easy-to-apply approach and its strong foundation in biomechanics. It is a highly practical way to becoming a better, faster, lighter and injury-free runner.

Why is running so difficult for most? 

We have lost our ability to run without effort. To run easy, light and fast. As we started to move less and sit more, we literally forgot how to use the run movement pattern stored in all of our brains. 

If your run feels heavy, clunky, hard and laborious, you are not running like you were intended to. Using the three elements of the Effortless Running method, you retrain your brain and improve your running economy.

Effortless Running is Based on Three Biomechanical Elements

Combine the Lean, Pull & Sweep
Combine the Lean, Pull & Sweep

The power of the Effortless Running method is the combination of the three elements. A consistent approach to this running form allows you to reap the following benefits:  

  • Correct alignment and therefore less injury
  • Better performance, faster times
  • Smoother running, better recovery
  • Increased endorphin release, more joy
  • Better health, longevity 

A tall lean from the ankles allows you to start using gravity to your advantage. You change from fighting against gravity to playing with gravity.

Explore the lean in more detail 

A proper pull can help you create the space in your stride you were always lacking. Pull your ankle up to create the space in your stride to swing your leg forwards. Use the pull to achieve a more balanced run by engaging the hip flexors as well as the posterior chain. 

Explore the pull in more detail 

The sweep is the hardest element to add into the run, no doubt about it. But it also is the element that yields the biggest results once you master it. Bring your footstrike back underneath your centre of mass at the end of your stride to allow your next toe-off to be in the power zone of your stride.  

Explore the sweep in more detail 

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Frequently asked questions

This sounds like a great program but I have questions.

  • Can I combine this with my regular training plan?
  • I am not a fast runner, can I benefit from this program? 
  • How long will it take me to see results? 
  • How do I know I am doing it right?
  • What is TrainingPeaks?
  • How will my coach monitor my progress?

All the answers to these questions and more can be found in this downloadable FAQ sheet. 

Video analysis

The best ways to identify what you can improve in your running form is through a video analysis. And with today's smartphones, you have your camera already with you on your run. Getting footage of your running form is easy, then send it in to receive a detailed video analysis report with your personalized running drills. If there ever was a short-cut to getting faster, this is it! 

View this sample video analysis to see how it might help you improve your running form. 

The protocol

If you are curious about the guiding principles and the core beliefs that the Effortless Running method is built on, then have a look at this protocol. Knowing your 'Why?' is important. When you know the why, the how becomes easy. So ask yourself why you want to run effortlessly? 

Download the Effortless Running protocol here.