What clients say about the Effortless Running program

The program excels at easy access, great programming and interesting content. It is now my go-to recommendation for anyone looking to start or improve running.
- Ed Semplinski, USA
Thank you for this program and drill videos! I noticed a huge improvement since this program. I have less pain, I am faster and more efficient. I did not realize form is so important!
- Maria Phelps, USA
The drills and techniques are working great. I've gone from 35 miles in May, due to an injury, to running every day in June for 100 miles, almost entirely pain-free!
- Louis Green, USA
I strongly recommend this training to all runners. It has reduced my frequency of injuries, increased my speed and more importantly made running enjoyable for me.
- Jyothu Somarathi, India
What a great 3 weeks that’s been. Drills have been excellent. Content quality and instruction has really impressed. I’ve become a better runner!
- Craig Miskin, UK
On the last day of my third week of training, one of my neighbours said: "Now that is some good running!" as I ran past. I've never been complimented on my running before.
- Rich Tucker, USA
Very happy with this program! I took 6 months off due to injury and fatigue. This program is very suitable for beginners as it has brought me consistency and the ability to run more efficiently.
- Kathryn Anne Richards, UK
While I am not a novice when it comes to running, the Effortless Running program allowed me to advance to the next level. Anyone looking to improve their time without putting in more workouts should consider Effortless Running!
- Satheesh Tandle, India
I managed to set a new marathon PB of 3h30m42s. This was 22 minutes quicker than my previous best which was set in perfect conditions. The difference is 100% down to effortless running.
- Michael Rogers, USA
My new record is 8 minutes faster than my previous 10k record! There is one reason for that - training to run properly using the Effortless Running method! I am now looking to break my Half Marathon record.
- Raz Voskoboinik, Israel
At my 30k back yard ultra, I noticed the system definitely delivers results. I've only done 30km once before and this time I felt really great during and after the run. The Effortless Running technique really paid dividends.