Get Strong & Fast!

Take 10 weeks to build your speed and strength

Whether you are training for an upcoming event or looking to improve your overall athleticism, we can all benefit from being stronger and faster.

This program is great for those looking to gain an edge in their sport of choice. Its scaffolded progression allows you to work at your own level, at your own time, in your own gym.

With the expert help of Coach E and Coach D, you are never in doubt about what to do or how to perform the exercise. We got your back with the video-guided instructions and explanations of the sets and reps!

Show me the plan Running sessions to make you faster, gym work to make you stronger. This plan benefits you in every way possible. Show me more


Build your strength and speed, no matter your age, fitness level or goals in life. This ten-week, video-guided online program builds on what you are already capable of and takes you to the next level, guaranteed. 


  • Workout on your own terms with strength sessions suitable for anyone and any gym
  • Train for 5km or 10km in a way you have not tried before
  • Mix 'n Match your strength and speed ability levels with the beginner, intermediate and advanced workouts
  • 2-3 strength and 2-3 run sessions per week (based on your ability)
  • Take the program to your PT to follow or go through it on your own, up to you
  • Get weekly instruction video’s on the sessions to follow
  • Free access to the scientific TrainingPeaks app to easily read and record your workouts
  • Access to your online coaches through the TrainingPeaks app 
  • Weekly real runs (Phuket based)
  • Weekly live Q&A's and insights by Coach E, Coach D and Coach A
  • Monthly Spartan Race Preparation Simulations

Remember... without a program – you're flying blind. If you want to see real progress over just 10 weeks, sign up now.  


Today's price

3,499 THB 


After my surprise heart operation, I was severely depressed and could barely walk twenty feet. Now I am ready for the next Half Marathon! Thanks to your videos! You are very knowledgeable and deserve all the recognition.
- Ronny Michkin, USA


Is this plan suitable for me?

We are positive that this plan is suitable for you. Because we designed the plan in such a way that you can go from beginner to intermediate to full-on advanced athlete. See what category you think fits you best. 

Beginner – anyone who is currently not running or has never worked with a run coach before
and/or anyone who has not lifted weights consistently for the last 18 months.

Intermediate – anyone who is a competent runner, regularly running 1-2 times per week with
no injuries and who has been lifting weights for the last 12 months.

Advanced – anyone who is a competitive runner, regularly running 2+ times per week with no
injuries and who has been lifting weights consistently over the last 24 months.

Note that you may be an advanced runner yet a beginner with weights. Or vice versa. That is OK! By signing up to this plan you get access to all three levels of exercises. That means you can match the different disciplines to fit your needs. You can, for example, choose the advanced run session of the week and the beginner strength sets if you think that fits your current fitness best. And if you are not sure what to choose, Coach E is there to help guide you through the TrainingPeaks app.  

I signed up for a Spartan race without any prior experience. I had to improve my running and my strength for the obstacles. The Strength & Speed training program gave me both at the same time. I did all the sessions and felt amazing during the race! Wonderful guidance by the coaches. Exactly what I needed to gain confidence to do more.
- Manuela Fenandez, Spain
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