Become an Affiliate

For those who would like to spread the message of Effortless Running

Become an affiliate of the Effortless Running program

Thank you for your interest in the Effortless Running program and it's affiliate partnership. We have many clients raving about the success that they have had with the program and would like to pay it forward to their community. 

To show our gratitude and appreciation for this, we decided to set up a reward system or affiliate program for those who would like to spread the message of Effortless Running. 

Individual or Business

Please have a look which program would suit you best. Are you a running enthusiast who would like to recommend ER to others and get a nice bonus pay-out for your referrals? Then the individual affiliate program is your place to go. 

Are you running a business (professional marketeer, event organiser or a running/fitness-related company) and would like to promote the Effortless Running method to your clientele, then follow the business link. 

Regardless of your scope or contribution, our gratitude for helping spread the Effortless Running method is equal. Thank you for helping us grow the service we believe every runner should get.  

Individual affiliate I like this program and have a lot of friends who can benefit from this! Find out more
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