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The Effortless Running Form focussed plans will make you a better runner, guaranteed. 

Coach Erik's video-guided form enhancement drills and webinars make the program easy to follow, doable and fun. Explore the different packages to find out which one best fits your running needs.  

Transform Your Run

The 8-week fully personalized, ultimate running program with the expert guidance you have been dreaming of. 

The Transform Your Run program is the top of the line package to guarantee success in uncovering and strengthening your Effortless Running form.

Three weeks of Effortless Running essentials, followed by your personalized drill routine based on your pre-program video analysis. Midway through this program, you have a live check-in with one of our coaches to see if all is going according to plan and if you need any drill adjustments.

At the end of your program, you receive your post video analysis comparison in your Transform Your Run report. A comprehensive comparison of how you have grown in your running form. 

Unlock Your True Running Form

The 5-week program with detailed, personalized feedback on how to make your running effortless again. 

This package includes a personalized video-analysis of your current running form. The video analysis gives you the drills that you need to practice in order to become an effortless runner. 

There are two types of video analysis in the packages available. A pre-program video analysis and a post-program video analysis. You can opt to chose one, the other or both in your package. 

Effortless Running Essentials

The Effortless Running Essentials package is the signature feature of the Effortless Running method. Three weeks of training sessions fully focussed on re-training your brain how to run effortlessly. 

This program is compatible with any already existing training program or can be done as a (re)introduction to running.